FM delivers Iraq Speech in the International Conference on the Victims of Ethnic and Religious Violence, Madrid

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thu, Jun 1, 2017

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Ibrahim al-Jaafari delivered Iraq's speech in the International Conference on the Victims of Ethnic and Religious Violence in the Middle East, which was held in the Spanish capital, Madrid on 24 May 2017.

"We renew our solidarity against terrorism that ravaging regional countries, including my country, Iraq, which represents the frontline against the terrorists, who have come from more than 100 countries and destroyed physical and social infrastructure of Iraq. However the Iraqi society has stood united despite its diversity against terrorism, defending itself and on behalf of the whole world," his Excellency said in his speech. "If we all stood by Palestine, and if the whole world stood by the Iraqi people in this manner; terrorism would have learned that it cannot surpass the dignity of any country. Therefore, you are all invited now more than ever to support Iraq against terrorism," the minister added.

"The Iraqi Government has taken urgent actions in order to deal with the current crisis. These actions aimed at alleviating the sufferings of the displaced and the victims of ethnic and religious violence, which affected all the components of the Iraqi people. These actions included the formation of a High Committee to relief and shelter (4) million displaced, also establishing of (60) camps and provide relief aid worth (500) million dinars, as well as adopting a plan to accommodate displaced students in schools, and safe universities," Dr. Jaafari pointed out.

"Iraq seeks to preserve diversity by improving security and economic conditions, political participation, equal opportunities for minorities, and the administration of justice through documenting crimes and prosecuting its perpetrators, as well as, supporting the National Criminal Court on cases relating to crimes committed on ethnic or religious grounds, countering intolerance, extremism and discrimination in all its forms," the minister affirmed, expressing Iraq's appreciation for the international community's stance in providing humanitarian support, the necessary and urgent needs, such as food and shelter for those in need, and providing assistance in preparing an appropriate circumstances for the voluntary and safe return of the displaced families.

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