FM delivers Iraq's speech in the meeting of international coalition against Da'esh terrorist gangs holds in Al-Kuwait.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tue, Feb 13, 2018

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari stressed on that the unity of the Iraqis in the face of the Da'ash terrorist gangs was an important element in achieving victory, which made the world respect the Iraqi national will and support Iraq at the logistical, security and political levels and in the United Nations.

In a speech at a meeting of the international coalition against terrorist gangs in Kuwait, Dr. Al-Jaafari said that terrorism has killed 18,000 martyrs and 36,000 wounded in the affected areas of Mosul, Salah Al-Din, Anbar and other areas, as well as five million displaced people from Iraq, 36 million in government facilities, and 15 million in the housing sector, noting that Nineveh was hit a lot, the second largest city in Iraq, and the losses of sabotage in general to about 88.2 billion dollars.

He added that terrorism wasted wealth, blood and dignity, so we need to develop real equations for this threat and the epidemic, which is still prevalent in many parts of the world, stressing that the victory achieved in Iraq, was an expression of the will of all the world.

The Minister renewed thanks and appreciation to the State of Kuwait for hosting the conference to support Iraq for reconstruction, expressing the hope that the countries of the world stand with Iraq in the stage of construction and reconstruction of cities destroyed by the gangs and the terrorist.

The full text of the speech of Dr. Ibrahim Al - Jaafari, Iraqi Foreign Minister at the meeting of the international coalition against the gangs of the terrorist in Kuwait

In the name of Allah the Merciful

((We have honored the sons of Adam)) (Isra / 70)

Greetings and appreciation of the State of Kuwait, the Emir, the people and the government.

Dear brothers, Since the storm of terrorism in the early twenty-first century has dragged on its tragedies, and its ramifications on various countries of the world.

Contemporary terrorism began in Washington and New York in 2001, and continued to continue its tragedies and accumulations in various countries of the world. It did not exclude any region, it moved to the Middle East. Europe was also turbulent with terrorism.

Iraq, the last round of terrorism, and a broken-down of 18,000 martyrs, and 36,000 wounded were distributed to the affected areas, whether in Mosul, Salah Al-Din, Anbar or other areas. Five million displaced people from Iraq were damaged, Which costs Iraq 36 million in government facilities, and 15 million in the housing sector .. By the way for Nineveh damaged to the extent that 90% of them may be destroyed, the second largest city in Iraq.

The losses of sabotage in general may have reached 88.2 billion dollars, and the Iraqi response to terrorism was a wonderful national response at the political and military levels, the Iraqis were only to stand up and unite their word and speech and gathered all their efforts for the liberation of Iraq and did not disagree; Which led the world to respect Iraq's national will and stand united in its position. It supported Iraq on the logistical, security, political support and standing in the United Nations alongside Iraq; this made the United Nations come out with decisions in the Security Council in favor of Iraq. What amounted to 15 decisions.

Terrorism is a complex waste: waste of wealth, waste of blood, and waste of dignity; so we need to put real equations for this danger, and the epidemic that is still prevalent in many parts of the world.

The fundamental equivalent of terrorism is to make man a supreme value that can not be renounced regardless of his religion, belief, nationality, element or place of residence. We also need to put the intellectual equivalent of thinking, not terrorism, The real equivalent of all kinds of waste, including: Stop the political waste, which is respect for the components, and the vehicles of our people whatever their backgrounds; and this is adopted by Iraq, and stuck to it so that all Iraqis are Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Muslims, Christians, Sabians, Yazidis, Sunnis and Shiites. They all stood still Political and political institutions, as well as a high-profile shield to defend Iraq. There must also be a political equivalent to the preservation of these peoples, the preservation of their components and the freedom to express their views. The last of these equations is the sovereign equivalent of preserving and defending the land. , Human rights, and the Constitution.

The victory that has been achieved in Iraq is true. It is in the field of Iraq, and it was made by Iraqi arms, and Iraqi blood was wasted, but it was an expression of your will. All countries contributed in one way or another to making this victory. You have the right to be proud of what you achieved.

Since the start of the International Alliance in September 2014 until now, what has passed, and there is no hesitation in supporting operations in Iraq, but the Iraqis took it upon themselves that the management of military operations were on the Iraqi territory with purely Iraqi hands, and thus stood the countries of the world supporting Iraq.

Once again, I would like to renew my appreciation and my sincere respect for the State of Kuwait for this initiative, and I hope that it will continue, as the countries of the world continue.

My speech through you to your countries to stand by Iraq, which took it upon itself to defeat a supporter, defeated Dahesh, and undertook to defeat corruption. He has long resisted him, and he continues his blows to the corrupt and to the corruption. .

I wish you not to leave Iraq without standing by its side; the countries of the world that are going through wars do not leave alone, and you have old experiences with the countries of the world, and your countries when they have gone through such tribulations.

Thank you, peace and mercy of God be upon you.

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