FM from Istanbul: We are surprised by the denial without deterrent attitude of the Zionist entity

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari stressed on the necessity of punishing the Zionist entity for its crimes and that the Islamic and Arab countries should rise to the level of the event. This came in a speech to the minister at the ministerial conference on the sidelines of the extraordinary summit of the Islamic Cooperation Council in Istanbul.

The minister added that the exceptional conference violates the dignity and conscience of the Muslim, Arab, or other world societies because Al-Quds represents the depth of the human conscience and the depth of values ​​and principles. No one disagrees with the crimes committed by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people, Slaughter on TV.

Dr. Al-Jaafari expressed surprise at the continued disapproval without the deterrent positions of the Zionist entity, adding: Even those who disagree with us in everything denounces the crimes of the Zionist entity. I'm sure that even deep in the United States, American citizens are denouncing.

"This is a criminal act that we will not allow. Every nation that follows this path will receive the same response from all of us.

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