Foreign Minister attends Meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mon, Feb 25, 2019

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim participated in the meeting held with President Mr. Barham Salih and French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace on Monday, 25/2/2019.

The bilateral relations between the two countries were discussed and a number of Iraqi files of interest to the French side, mainly: the reconstruction of the liberated areas, the return of the displaced people to their areas and mechanisms for restoring stability to Iraq after the historic victory over terrorism.

Both sides agreed that the threat of terrorism still exists, and efforts must be combined to dry up its ideological and financial sources.

They also stressed the need to protect the human heritage, the Iraqi monuments and the reconstruction of archaeological sites destroyed by terrorism.

The French president praised Iraq's balanced foreign policy, which will give it an advanced position in achieving regional stability, economic and educational development, stating the firm position of his country to provide economic support in the areas of services such as water, transport, energy, as well as educational cooperation, and the reconstruction of the University of Mosul.

They also discussed the future economic partnership between the two countries, ways to overcome difficulties for French companies, France's participation in the reconstruction of areas affected by military operations, security and intelligence cooperation as France was also a partner in the fight against terrorism and played a key role in supporting Iraq in its war against Da’esh terrorist gangs.

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