Foreign minister concludes his participation in the ancient civilizations forum in Athens

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thu, Apr 27, 2017

Foreign minister Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari concludes his participation in the ancient civilizations forum in Athens, on the sideline of this forum he met a number of foreign ministers of the participated countries, such as China, Islamic republic of Iran and Arabic republic of Egypt.

His Excellency said at the conclusion of the forum that the enemies of civilization along with the history killed human just like Da'esh terroristic gangs in different parts of the Islamic world, and targeting its principles and thoughts and everything that related to humanity, stressing on the necessity of spread the culture of dialogue between civilization especially that all the wars in the world were because of the culture of racism.

Dr. Al-Jaafari added that we have to spread a culture that is equal to racism, which is the culture of civilized love and harmony instead of the culture of civilization clash, which is about to put the world on the brink of destruction, stressing that we want an international humanitarian intellectual from all countries and converse sadness to happiness and Separation to unity and hate to love, referring to that this forum formed a main turn in the civilizations line.

His Excellency continued that we haven’t stop on the borders of Endoscopy but coordinate attitudes and turning them from an intellectual treasure in the brain to practical attitudes on the ground, to put an end to the sadness on human in all the world, showing Iraq's readiness to host the second ancient civilizations forum .

From another side, Dr. Al-Jaafari discussed with the Arab ambassadors and the representatives of the diplomatic missions in Athens the security and political developments, and reviewed the great victories achieved by Iraqis in their war against Da'esh terroristic gangs, and challenges of the region and the efforts to restore security and settlement to it.

His Excellency also met the staff of the Iraqi embassy in Athens, and reviewed their work and presenting the needed services to the Iraqis resident in Greek, and stressing on the necessity of strengthening the mutual cooperation with Greek.

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