Foreign Minister Gives Iraq’s Speech at Emergency Meeting of League of Arab States Council at Ministerial Level

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sun, Feb 2, 2020

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim chaired the emergency meeting of the League of Arab States Council at the ministerial level to discuss the so-called (Deal of the Century) announced by US President Trump.

Minister Alhakim gave Iraq’s speech in which he stressed the sensitivity of the current circumstance, and its seriousness after announcing the so-called (deal of the century), considering it based on understanding and coordination with one party, and the lack of coordination with the legitimate Palestinian Authority, Arab countries, regional and international bodies, especially the Security Council and the Middle East Quatret.

Minister Alhakim stated that the nature of the current circumstances necessitates on working to develop extraordinary solutions to the problems that the Arab region is going through, especially our central issue the Palestinian issue.

Minister Alhakim expressed that Iraq urges its Palestinian brothers to commit to unity, cohesion and agreement to guarantee their legitimate right to a unified and viable state with occupied Alquds as its capital, and to guarantee the right of return of all Palestinians to their lands, stressing that we must develop a strategy to work with friendly European Union countries, Islamic countries, non-aligned countries, Russia, China, and Japan to increase global awareness of the risks of this unfair deal on security and stability in our region.

Minister Alhakim called on the member states of League of Arab States to provide all forms of support to occupied Palestine, and the right of its people to build an independent state with its capital occupied Alquds , and the restoration of all its lands, warning the world that the so-called deal of the century seeks to impose a fait accompli policy and exacerbate levels of violence and extremism in the region.

Minister Alhakim stated that the solution to the problems of the region must go through ensuring the rights of the Palestinian people stipulated in international legitimacy resolutions, including Security Council resolutions, and its inalienable right, foremost among them is the right to self-determination and the establishment of its independent, sovereign state, with occupied capital Alquds

Minister Alhakim expressed that Iraq’s position and commitment to its religious, political and tribal references all provide full support to the Palestinian issue, as well as the orientations and decisions taken by the Palestinian brothers.

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