Foreign Minister Holds Meeting with Russian Counterpart in Moscow

Foreign Minister Holds Meeting with Russian Counterpart in Moscow

Foreign Minister Mohamad A. Alhakim and his Russian counterpart Mr. Sergey Lavrov held a meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, upon the visit of the Minister to Moscow.

Minister Alhakim stated during the meeting, "We presented an invitation to the Foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov, to visit Iraq on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries, and we will conduct cultural and political activities in cooperation and coordination with the Russian Embassy in Baghdad and our embassy in Moscow. Adding that this year will witness the signing of several memorandums of understanding and joint programs.

Minister Alhakim continued, "We discussed the preparation to hold the eighth session of the Iraqi-Russian Joint Committee in Baghdad in mid May and the meetings of the four technical groups emanating from the committee on investment, transport, energy and industry," and also stated "We touched on the issue of strategic military cooperation and continued cooperation in the field of investment and reconstruction.

Minister Alhakim called on the Russian companies to enter Iraq strongly to invest in various fields, expressing the readiness of the Iraqi government to provide facilities and appropriate conditions and conducive environment for investment.

Minister Alhakim also stated "We also discussed cooperation in the areas of energy, trade, education and culture, and agreed on the need for continued cooperation in the United Nations and international forums. In addition to discussing the situation in the Middle East and joint cooperation to reduce tension and spare the region more conflicts.

Minister Alhakim stated that the common stance on Syria is to preserve the unity and a peaceful solution and to encourage Syrian-Syrian dialogue according to the path of "Astana" until a ceasefire throughout Syria is reached.

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