Foreign Minister: We are Trying to Make Clear to Neighbouring Countries that We Want to Establish Balanced Relations … We Ask Neighbouring Countries to Respect the Sovereignty of Iraq and not to Interfere in its Affairs … Iraq is a Promising Country and h

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein during his visit to Brussels, which is the second round of his official tour to European countries, stated that Iraq is a promising country and has the future, adding that “We are trying to make clear to neighboring countries that we want to establish balanced relations … We ask neighboring countries to respect the sovereignty of Iraq, and not to interfere in its affairs.”

This came during the hosting of the Minister by the European Press Club in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

Minister Fuad Hussein indicated that Iraq is looking forward to expanding its relations with European countries, and expanding cooperation with them in all fields, calling on European companies to invest, especially in the field of energy, and the oil and gas industries.

Minister Fuad Hussein noted that Iraq seeks to establish balanced relations with neighboring countries, and not to use its lands against any neighboring countries, stressing the need to respect the sovereignty of Iraq, the sanctity of its lands, and not to interfere in the internal affairs, and added that we ask neighbouring countries to respect the sovereignty of Iraq, and not to interfere in its affairs.

In his answers to the questions of a number of journalists, Minister Fuad Hussein touched on the developments in the political and security situation in Iraq, noting that Iraq has faced several challenges, including terrorism, the decline in international oil prices, and the Coronavirus pandemic.

Minister Fuad Hussein stated that we are trying to deal with Coronavirus in cooperation with different countries, pointing out that the decline in oil prices has led to something similar to an economic crisis.

On the security issue, Minister Fuad Hussein warned that Da’esh terrorist organization is still poses a threat to Iraq, neighboring countries and the world and they are trying to reorganize themselves in Iraq, Syria and some African countries.