H.E. Prime Minister Adil Abd AL-Mahdi receives The U.S. senator's delegation led by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
Wed, Apr 17, 2019

April – 17- 2019

His Excellency Prime Minister Adil Abd AL-Mahdi received in his office The U.S. senator's delegation led by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

His Excellency confirmed the importance of collaboration between Iraq and the United States, referring to that Daesh is cancer must get rid of it, Iraqi defeated Daesh by its People sacrifices, we have a lot to do in order to achieve the development that we are looking for in rebuilding, providing services and to complete the IDP's returning to their territories, besides infrastructure rebuilding's challenges, salaries localization to reduce the corruption, activation the private sector and investment.

While concerning the Iraqi foreign policy His Excellency confirmed that Iraq is keen to establish bilateral and mutual cooperation with all neighboring countries to achieve stability and prosperity thus Iraq considered vital in the region, reassuring the importance of discussing the decisions which could reflect directly on Iraq and the region.

The head of senators' delegation commended the positives developments in the country and the stability in comparison to her last visit to Baghdad in 2010; they seek mutual cooperation between the two countries in economic fields, the companies' operations, fulfilling Iraq's need to execute Rebuilding programs and economic development, and they exchanged the points of views concerning issues of common concern.

The meeting was attended by Sen. Doug Jones, a senator from the Alabama Democratic Party, a member of the Armed Services Committee, the Banking Committee, the Economic Policy Subcommittee, Senator Jack Reid, and the US embassy's charge d'affaires in Iraq.

While attended by the Iraqi side, the Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee Adnan al-Asadi, the Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri in the House of Representatives, and a number of advisers.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
April – 17 – 2019

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