H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi: It is not permissible to politicize the popular Mobilization Units


His Excellency Prime Minister the commander of the armed forces Dr. Haider Abadi has confirmed the importance of not politicizing the Popular Mobilization Units, Indicating that the stories of sacrifice done by heroes of the Popular Mobilization Units and security forces must be documented.

This came during his visit to the Popular Mobilization's Assembly, while he has met with the officials of the brigades and directorates in the Authority, where he has blessed for the pilgrims on the occasion of Eid al-Adha and for completing their ritual, wishing them a safe return.

Dr. Haider al-Abadi has hailed the martyrs' spirits, their families, the wounded and the heroic fighters who achieved the victories and defended the citizens, pointing out that the Popular Mobilization Units considered a new beginning having in it hope for the people throughout answering the fatwa of Sayyid Ali al-Sistani and sacrificed in their lives for their country.
He has added: "In all international conferences and everywhere, we did say that the Popular Mobilization Units is an institution that follows the state and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and we stood against all those who wanted to distort its image.

He has clarified that the removal of the Popular Mobilization Units from huge cities should not be subject to political pressure, Because Daesh Terrorist's gangs have been expelled and defeated, but they have cells and ideological which we should continue to fight it but evacuate suddenly from the arena, it will give an opportunity for terrorist groups to attack citizens.

He has assured that the Constitution and laws prevent mixing between security work, military, and intelligence with the political.

Dr. Abadi has stressed the refusal for political Parties to be within the Popular Mobilization Units.

He has mentioned that the use of sacrifices in the political conflicts for this or that is unacceptable, indicating that we want to maintain support and backing to the Popular Mobilization Units.

Media office of the prime minister
August -24- 2018