H.E. Supreme Commander of the armed forces Dr.Haider Al-Abadi: from here from Old Mosul we announced the Iraqi Great Victory

Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
Mon, Jul 10, 2017


H.E. Supreme Commander of the armed forces Dr.Haider Al-Abadi declared today, Monday July-10-2017 a decree from here from Old Mosul we announced the Iraqi Great Victory

His Excellency said : From here, from the heart of liberated Mosul, we declare victory to all Iraq and Iraqis, Dear Iraqi fighters, brave fighters, in our unity and our united line, we fought the Daesh, and we were able, through your efforts, sacrifices and blood, to foiled all plans to divide the Iraqis. Today Iraq is more unified than it was,

Our victory today is a victory over brutality and terrorism, and it was announced here from Mosul to the whole world, the end and the failure of the fake state , proclaimed three years ago, and we were able to achieve victory over that state, to the dustbin of history.

Heroes, martyrs and wounded will be in our hearts and minds , we will never forget this favor ever, and grand a tribute to their families,

And we do not forget to congratulate the wise marjieia ,his reverend Al-Sistani and the historical jihadist fatwas, and heroes of all victorious forces,

Dear Iraqis, this victory is for you. These operations were planned and accomplished by Iraqis. The Iraqis did not share by the others. The Iraqis fought on the ground.

And they have the right to be proud in front of our people , the world, no fighter fought only Iraqis , and we did not make anyone but the Iraqis, and we thank all the countries that stood with Iraq against Daesh by providing training and logistical support and air support for our fighters on the ground,

We have the task of building and stability, and that needs unity, and as we united in the fighting against Daesh ,we must be united for the stability and return of IDPs , and the victory only from God Almighty, the wise Iraq lived victorious.

media office of the prime minister
July -10-2017
Prim Minister's speech

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