IHEC CEO reports an increase in voters who take over their e-cards

Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq
Wed, Feb 19, 2014

The IHEC Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Mr. Mukdad al Sharify declared on February 8, 2014 that the IHEC has distributed more than 1,200,000 electronic voter cards in fourteen Iraqi provinces during the last few weeks. The IHEC called on the partners of the electoral process to urge voters to take over their e-cards in the rest other provinces of Iraq.

Mr. al Sharify added that there is an increasing number of voters who took over their e-cards to cast their ballots in the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections to be held on April 30, 2014.

He pointed out that the voter registration centers (VRCs) in Iraqi provinces are continuing to distribute the e-cards to voters to ensure their constitutional rights in the voting process on polling day.

The IHEC is continuing to distribute voters' e-cards per the timetable developed for this purpose and to ensure and enhance transparency and confidence among the partners of the electoral process and to develop the performance of its activities in the upcoming electoral process.

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