Iraq forms panel to protect natural heritage sites

Iraq’s Ministry of Environment announced that a national committee has been formed to protect Iraq's natural heritage sites, support its nature preserves and enhance environmental tourism. According to ministry spokesman Ameer Ali al-Hassoun, the committee will work to further the goals set in Iraq’s National Strategy for the Protection of the Environment for 2014-2017.

The new committee "is the first such technical committee of its kind in Iraq that is concerned with the issue of natural heritage", he said.

al-Hassoun said it will seek to strengthen the overall environmental situation of these places and find ways to ensure they develop and flourish.

"The new committee will strive to care for the natural sites and preserves, including the marshes, which recently were recognised as world ecological protectorates by UNESCO, the old caves, the water springs, lakes and the various areas known for their unique nature," ministry media director Mustafa Majeed added.

For the original May 15, 2014 piece from, a service of Al-Shorfa referenced in this summary, click here.