Iraq Reconstruction Results in Stadium Boom

Meinhardt and Bahadır Kul Architects
Tue, Dec 10, 2013

In a national effort by Iraq’s Ministry of Youth and Sport, major investments are being made in a wide spectrum of projects to develop soccer and foster the unifying effect the sport can have.

The US$100 million Karbala Olympic Stadium project is a prime example of one of the state-of-the-art projects set to take place. The 30,000-seat Karbala Olympic Stadium with 73 feature gates draw their inspiration from one of the oldest mosques in the world in Karbala, providing a strong link to a cornerstone of Islamic history.

Another major sporting venue under development is Al Sunbula Stadium in Diwaniya, also providing a 30,000 spectator capacity. It includes a 75-room four star hotel, a track and field facility and a supplementary training field.

The Baghdad Arena will benefit Iraq's capital, boasting a US$24 million, 7,000-seat indoor sports facility focused around basketball, volleyball and athletics.

Other sports projects currently under construction in the rapidly developing Northern regions in Iraq include the University of Salahaddin Sports Complex in Erbil and Mosul Olympic Stadium in Mosul.

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