Iraq, UN work to strengthen Iraqi judicial authority

The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council and the UN recently concluded a strategic partnership aimed at evaluating and improving the performance of the judicial institutions throughout Iraq.

In a statement, Council spokesperson, Judge Abdul Sattar al-Bairaqdar, said the partnership includes "raising the performance and competence of criminal investigation bureaus; expanding the use of the case management system at Iraqi courts of all levels; introducing new technology into judicial systems; developing the public prosecution; boosting the role of legal supervision services; promoting legal awareness; and bringing about legislative reforms."

Reforms came in conjunction with training classes and other educational opportunities from legal specialists at the UN. These types of opportunities allow the Iraqi legal system to continue to develop and reach a state where transparency, integrity, and the principles of justice can grow.

For the original April 17, 2014 piece from, a service of Al-Shorfa referenced in this summary, click here.