Iraqi leader, at UN, highlights progress despite ‘evil will’ of region’s terrorist groups

UN News Centre
Wed, Sep 30, 2015

30 September 2015 – The 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly is being held as the world tackles myriad challenges, especially ones posed by the terrorist group known as Da'esh or the Islamic State, the Prime Minister of Iraq told world leaders attending the annual debate in New York.

“We achieved in Iraq remarkable progress in dropping rates of mortality, raising the percentages of education, reducing gender gap inequality, and improving living standards,” Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi declared from the podium.

“However, the evil will carried by the terrorist groups, especially Al-Qaida and Da’esh, and the ones who followed them from the Ba'ath ex-regime, have hindered the development movement and spread murder and destruction which targets people, possessions and infrastructure,” he said.

In spite of this, Iraq continues its democratic approach by promoting respect of the Constitution, ensuring a peaceful transition of power, and supporting freedom of expression and religion, Prime Minister Al-Abadi asserted.

He noted that the Government has produced a political, economic, administrative, and financial package of reforms based on the Iraqi people’s demands during the last two months.

“The people respected and accepted these reforms with a transparent identification of their needs,” he explained. “We are determined to continue in these reforms without neglecting our important role in managing the security and military operations to fight Da’esh.”

Regarding the new Sustainable Development Agenda adopted by the 193 UN Member States last Friday, the Iraqi leader said his country is “serious and enthusiastic” to work to attain the goals it sets out.

“However, we expect from all countries to adhere and implement UN Security Council resolutions which are related to prohibiting the support, finance and armament [of] terrorist groups, in addition to the resolution of the General Assembly related to saving Iraqi heritage which will support building the country and achieving development,” he stressed.

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