Iraqi President: High Standard of Scientific Level of Iraqi Universities Should Be Ensured, and Barriers Hindering University Professors and Students Should Be Overcome

Iraqi Presidency (Office of the President of Iraq)
Mon, Jun 7, 2021

On Monday, June 7, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Nabil Kazem Abdul Sahib. The meeting took place at al-Salam Palace in Baghdad.
It is vital to ensure a high standard of scientific level of Iraqi universities and raise the academic education in Iraq, President Salih said, with focus on the need that the scientific independence of universities should be guaranteed.
We do believe that Iraqi universities have an ability to cope with the challenges presented by the COVID-19, with ensuring that the level of science will not be affected by the challenges that swept the world currently, he added.
Needs of university professors and students should be met, he noted, while barriers that they face should be overcome.
Universities have to take advantage of the competencies of outstanding students, with having further cooperation with the world's universities, he emphasized.
Mr. Abdul Sahib commended President Salih's efforts for paying attention to the Ministry of Higher Education' issues and for his directions in this regard.
President Salih was briefed by the Minister about the functioning of the Ministry, its future plans and the challenges that are faced by the education sector.

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