Iraqi President Meets UK Foreign Secretary: International cooperation and collaboration needed to maintain regional peace and security, there should be further coordination in fight against terror, curbing corruption and confronting climate change

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.
President Salih and UK Foreign Secretary Raab discussed Iraqi-British ties, and how best to promote these in all sectors, and where there could be implement the memorandum of understanding signed today between the two countries.
The memorandum of understanding has been signed to prove that there is a solid bilateral cooperation as well as developing even greater cooperation between the two States, in the ways that serve the interest of both friendly nations in the economic and cultural areas, both sides said.
Furthermore, it will help to maintain peace and security in the region, and work towards having further international efforts which would help to address challenges presented by terror, curb both financial and administrative corruption and recover the stolen funds and money taken out of the country, meeting participants agreed.
It will give us further powers to meet the environmental challenges regarding climate change and global warming. It is also necessary that sharing of experiences in this important area threatening our planet is needed, they added.
Iraq looks forward to further balanced relations based on working jointly with our partners and the fraternal and friendly States in the international community, President Salih said, so we have to step up our collective efforts to establish regional security and stability and to mitigate tensions in the region.
It is therefore, economic, trade, health and environmental interdependence that will serve the interest of all the nations should be enhanced, he added.
Mr. Raab, in turn, reiterated his country's commitment to supporting Iraq's security and stability as well as its pivotal role in the region.
He emphasized the UK’s eagerness to further develop cultural and economic ties with Iraq, and said that there is an earnest desire to support investment and promote development opportunities in Iraq.