Iraq’s top tourist destination prepares to welcome the world

Adam Jones, Ph.D.
Asharq Al-Awsat
Sat, Dec 28, 2013

The city of Erbil is preparing to celebrate its appointment as 2014’s Capital for Arab Tourism.

On the subject of the activities and carnivals being organized by the city and provincial authorities, the governor of Erbil, Nawaz Hadi said: “The start of our program will coincide with the New Year celebrations. Activities will be divided between all seasons of the year, according to the nature of each season. Erbil will witness [celebrations of] folklore and economic and social activities, as well as from a variety of marketing festivals, workshops and conferences.”

The governor said that the committee supervising the celebrations began preparing for the celebrations under the supervision of the regional government.

US-based National Geographic Traveler magazine also recently named Erbil as one of its “Best in the World” destinations for 2014 saying that it will make visitors “forget everything you’ve heard about Iraq.

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