Joint Statement of the Official Talks between the Iraqi and Jordanian Delegations presided by His Excellency Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq Adil Abd Al-Mahdi and Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Dr. Omar Razzaz

Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
Sat, Dec 29, 2018

December-29- 2018

Based on the brotherly and historical relations established between the Republic of Iraq and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to strengthening the bonds of joint cooperation between the two fraternal countries, a meeting held in Baghdad on Saturday chaired by His Excellency Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq Adil Abd Al-Mahdi, Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Dr. Omar Razzaz and his accompanying large ministerial delegation in the presence of ambassadors of the two countries.

The two Prime Ministers held bilateral meetings before heading to the official talks in the presence of the ministers in the Iraqi and Jordanian delegations.
During the extended meeting, they discussed political, security, economic issues, and means of enhancing joint cooperation in areas that serve the interests of the Iraqi and Jordanian peoples.

His Excellency Prime Minister said that the talks are very vital to achieve real outputs and make further progress in the relationship between the two neighboring countries, We are proud of our relationship with Jordan and its dear people, we considered His Majesty King Abdullah bin Al Hussein as a brother, aide, and ally, We are pleased that the Iraqi-Jordanian relations will develop further to achieve the aspirations of our two peoples to achieve our common security, further stability, economic prosperity and overcome difficulties, We respect Jordan's role in strengthening security, defense, combating terrorism, supporting our military security forces in various fields in the fields of training, boosting its capacity, we are looking to expand cooperation in these fields.

For his part, the Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan said that it is our pleasure to be in Baghdad the forum of Arabism and civilization to draw new frameworks for our relations based on real partnership, and His Majesty King Abdullah II directed us to open the doors for cooperation with brotherly Iraq and to provide everything we can in all fields.
He underscored that terrorism is a common enemy and Jordan will not be a hotbed of any activity that harms Iraq's interests, security and stability on the basis of security and common interests that bind the two countries and brotherly peoples, Pointing out the importance of Iraq's victory over terrorism in supporting stability in the region and defeating terrorists who violated all values, norms and moral charters, renewed congratulate the formation of the new Iraqi government.

The two sides agreed on several vital points on the various issues discussed in the meeting of the talks and the steps to implement them according to specific timetables.

It was agreed during the discussions to take the following actions and according to specific dates:

In the transport sector:

• Opening the Jordanian-Iraqi border crossings (Al Karama-Trebil) in front of the (door to door) traffic to start the journey of goods that are perishable on 2-2-2019 and include all types of goods thereafter.
• Granting facilities for imported Iraqi goods via Aqaba, whose final destination is Iraq, a discount of 75% of the fees charged by Aqaba Economic Authority.
• Make an Agreement between the Royal Jordanian and Iraqi Aviation for mutual cooperation in various fields: (Code share).
• Training and cooperation in all areas of aviation and air transport.

In the industry and trade sector:

• Activating the Iraqi Cabinet decision for the year 2017 exempting a number of Jordanian goods from customs starting from 2-2-2019.
• The two councils of the two countries decided to allocate the agreed land on the Iraqi-Jordanian border to reach a depth of 2 km on the two sides of the border and a length of 6 km for the Iraqi-Jordanian Company. By 2-2-2019, in preparation for the company's presentation of the industrial zone to the private sector for operation and management on the basis of BOT.

In the financial sector:

• Forming a technical and financial legal committee between the two sides to develop solutions to the outstanding financial files between the two countries.

In the energy sector:

• The agreement was reached on the Jordanian-Iraqi electricity link through the network of interconnection, where the memorandum of understanding was signed in the presence of the prime ministers, in which the parties agreed to take the necessary measures to accelerate the exchange of electrical energy between the two parties through direct electrical connection to the electricity networks of Iraq and Jordan.
• It was agreed to finalize the framework agreement for the Iraqi-Jordanian pipeline which will extend from Basra through Haditha to Aqaba in the first quarter of 2019
• It was agreed that the technical committees will arrive to determine the details of transportation and pricing for the export of Iraqi crude oil to Jordan before 2-2-2019.

In the agriculture sector:

• Training in the fields of optimal use of water in the fields of aquaculture, water harvesting, seed propagation, biological control, the use of environmentally friendly pesticides and the training of Iraqi environmental police.

In the communications and IT sector:

• It was agreed to pass the Iraqi Internet capacity from Jordan in 2019 to support Iraq build the infrastructure.
• It was agreed on transport Jordan's experiences in the field of the financial technology to brothers in Iraq.

Media office of the prime minister
December-29- 2018

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