Message of the Parliament Speaker Mr. Mohammed al-Halboosi to the heroes of the valiant Iraqi army in the ninety-ninth anniversary of its establishment

Parliament's Media Office
Mon, Jan 6, 2020

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

‏Dear great Iraqi people
‏Dear son of the valiant Iraqi army

‏Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah on you

‏”The ninety-ninth anniversary of the establishment of our heroic Iraqi army is passing today, the army that presented immortal heroic epics, in which it made great sacrifices and achieved great victories that will remain immortal in the memory of time.

‏Dear heroes,

‏You are the safety valve of this country, its gatekeepers, its fortified shield, and its high wall, with your watch, the Iraqis could sleep, with your effort and your fighting, this country progressed and developed, you were and are men of great missions and great deeds, as you have always been a wall of this country, you have done great humanitarian and professional work during a stage of displacement and your assistance to families fleeing the hell of ISIS, in addition to your protection for peaceful demonstrators and state institutions from vandalism and looting by the hands of those who tampered with, you have all our greetings and appreciation to your auspicious day.

‏With the efforts of you heroes, we have crossed crises, tribulations, difficulties, and today we are starting a new stage of state building after the elimination of terrorism that you achieved in cooperation with your brothers in the security forces in various formations and types and from all the official supporting institutions, and we have turned a painful page of the war that we have fought with the solidity of the Iraqis and their belief in their history, in present and future, to open a new page of building and reconstruction and look forward to a better future, which will not be better unless Iraqis pay efforts to start the development project and fold the page of the past and join hands for a free and independent homeland.

‏We bet on the faith of our army in its free and independent fighting doctrine, on its evolving capabilities, on its courage, and we also bet on the people behind this army in order to defend the honor and history of this great country. Today as we face difficult conditions and a critical stage, everyone has a duty of national responsibility in protecting this country, preserving its sovereignty and avoiding the danger of conflicts, and enabling the Iraqi forces to take the initiative and raise capabilities and competencies in line with the requirements of the stage and the interest.

‏Long live the Iraqi army, the free hero, the struggler, the fighter, with all its leaders and ranks, its soldiers and types, and the mercy and eternity for the martyrs of this army, the well-being for its wounded and glory to the great Iraq”.

‏Mohammed al-Halboosi
‏The Parliament Speaker
‏ Jan 6, 2020

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