MOFA issues a statement concerning the terroristic attack on the Iraqi embassy in Kabul

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tue, Aug 1, 2017

" Iraqi embassy to Kabul exposed to a criminal attack by the defeated Da'esh gangs, they made an explosion at the embassy's
entrance and entered the embassy, MOFA formed a crisis cell urgently and contacted the Afghani governmental bodies and other friendly states to coordinate the rescue process of the embassy's staff, the diplomatic staff strived to fight the terroristic attackers by using light weapons for more than one and half an hour, then the Afghani security body entered the building and end the attack and rescued our employees safely. Da'esh terroristic gangs after defeating it by our security forces in Al-Mosul battle, they intended to perform this attack to focus the media on their existence, but our heroes from the diplomatic staff was just like their brothers in the battle and resisted the attack.
MOFA sent a special delegation to find accident details, also asked the governmental in some countries to tightening the security procedures on the Iraqi embassies".

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