New Iraqi law aims to combat illiteracy, school dropout rates

Iraqi parliament recently approved a law under which students will receive monthly financial grants to help their parents provide for their school needs. The new law will help improve Iraq’s educational system as it effectively combats problems such as illiteracy and school dropout rates.

The grant money will be deposited in government banks and each aid recipient will be issued a smart card, to ease and regulate the process of disbursing the allocated funds to about 5,288,000 youth, according to Adel Shershab, chair of the parliamentary education committee.

"Financial grants will be withheld from students who fail or are expelled from school, or who drop out, or who have high rates of absenteeism," he said. "School administrations will follow up on such cases in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the educational directorates."

For the original January 6, 2014 piece from, a service of Al-Shorfa referenced in this summary, click here.