Oil Exports from Southern Iraq Fields Hit Record Level

Mon, Jun 1, 2015

Oil exports in Iraq’s southern region have reached historic levels, according to the country’s oil minister.

Speaking at a press conference in the al-Halfaya oil field in southern Maysan province, Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi said exports from the south reached three million bpd for the first time in the country’s history.

Abdul Mahdi hopes to increase exports further by 100,000 bpd over the next few months.

The minister praised the Petrochina Company for developing the Halfaya oil field and focusing on use of modern technologies.

Total Iraqi oil exports hit a record 3.08 million bpd in April, up from 2.98 million bpd the previous month, the oil ministry said.

Exports from the southern region reached just over 2.6 million bpd in April, while those from Kurdistan Region’s pipelines were recorded at 540,000 bpd.

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