Meeting with US Central Command Chief General Kenneth McKenzie today in Baghdad, President Salih highlighted the need to develop friendly relations between Iraq and US in addition to coordinate and collaborate in the fight against terrorism.
Furthermore, he underlined that Iraq will not be a theatre of regional and international conflicts.
We, therefore, seek to build good relations with all states and we have no interest in being dragged into conflicts not of our choice and making, President Salih added.
The President and General Kenneth McKenzie jointly discussed the Iraqi Council of Representatives' decision on facilitating the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq.
The two agreed and emphasized the importance of respecting and strengthening Iraq's national sovereignty and its independent national decision as well as protecting its security and stability.
McKenzie, in turn, affirmed his country's deep commitment to have further joint cooperation against terrorism. The US remains committed to supporting and training Iraqi forces and promoting security and stability in Iraq, he added.