President Salih Meets President Trump

President Salih met His Excellency Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, in New York today. He began the meeting by noting the incredible resurgence of business and civic life that Iraq is experiencing.
President Salih went on to highlight the need to support hard-won stability in Iraq, and to complete the victory against terrorism through construction and development. He also noted the importance of working to develop more positive regional dynamics so as to enhance security and stability.
President Trump, expressing his admiration for recent Iraqi accomplishments, said he was pleased to hear about these positive developments.
Mr. Trump reiterated his support for Iraqi security and national sovereignty, and expressed interest in learning about the reconstruction of its cities.
The two leaders also discussed regional and global developments, topics of common concern to both the United States and Iraq, and mechanisms for enhancing bilateral relations and combating terrorism.
The meeting was attended by Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Hakim, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Thikra Alloush, Head of the Higher Standing Committee for the Advancement of Women, Mr. Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum, Iraq's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Mr. Farid Yassin, the Iraqi Ambassador to Washington, Mr. Sven Desai KRG Foreign Relations Officer, and Ambassador Mohammed Jaafar al-Sadr, Head of the Department of Organizations and International Conferences at the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.