Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani Directs Iraqi Embassy in Washington to Follow Up on All Files and Understandings with the United States, and to Provide the Best Services to the Iraqi Community

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani visited the Iraqi Embassy in Washington during his official visit to the United States. The Prime Minister reviewed the embassy`s work and the performance of its staff, praising the efforts made during his official visit to the United States and the excellent organization, particularly commending the Iraqi Ambassador to the United States. He urged the embassy team to exert more effort and prioritize Iraq`s service and reputation in every action and step taken.
In his discussion with the Iraqi Embassy team, Prime Minister Al-Sudani emphasized that the understandings and topics discussed during the visit require diligent follow-up to ensure the success of subsequent actions related to the joint files and memorandums of understanding with the United States. These efforts align with the objectives of the government program and contribute to its achievement.

The Prime Minister directed the embassy staff, according to their respective roles and expertise, to provide care and attention to the members of the Iraqi community in the United States, ensuring that all possible services and support are offered as needed.