Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani Meets Iraqi Community in Michigan

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani met with a large group of the Iraqi community at the Islamic Center in Michigan, as part of his official visit to the United States. The meeting was attended by a diverse group of Iraqi families representing all Iraqi national components.
In his speech at the Islamic Center, Prime Minister Al-Sudani expressed pride in the Iraqi community strong sense of national identity and highlighted the significant contributions of those who resisted the former dictatorship, as well as professionals who have succeeded across various fields, which he described as vital human resources needed for Iraq`s development.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani remarked that the current government represents all of Iraq`s components, supported by a significant political coalition. The public`s optimism and satisfaction, he mentioned, are evident from the security and political stability that has been encouraging good governance and service delivery. Moving forward with a new economic and investment policy alongside fundamental economic reforms.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani discussed Iraq`s balanced foreign policy amidst regional conflicts, particularly emphasizing the war in Gaza and Iraq`s warnings about the conflict`s repercussions. He highlighted that Iraq`s foreign policy is characterized by balance, aiming to position Iraq as a cornerstone of regional security and foster interdependent economic partnerships. This approach underpins initiatives like the Development Road project, which aims to enhance stability in Iraq.

His Excellency affirmed that Iraq is in the process of recovery and reclaiming its leading role as a hub for business and companies, which serves as a guarantee for regional stability. The victory over ISIS was achieved through the sacrifices of its people and with the help of the international community and friends under the framework of the international coalition, which no longer has a justification for its presence today. Efforts are underway to transition the relationship with coalition countries to broader stages beyond security cooperation.

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani talked about his meetings with officials and representatives of American companies, which resulted in cooperation with American companies in investment opportunities presented to them in the fields of oil, gas, and petrochemicals. He affirmed the government`s commitment to support the expatriate community, through directives to Iraqi Ambassadors and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to look after their interests and affairs