Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani Meets with Members of the U.S. Congress

Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani hosted a luncheon today, at his residence in Washington D.C., with members of the U.S. Congress from both the Republican and Democratic parties. The meeting, attended by several members of the Iraqi Parliament from the official Iraqi delegation, focused on enhancing bilateral relations and advancing mutual interests.
During the meeting, Prime Minister Al-Sudani discussed the goals of his visit, emphasizing the importance of transitioning Iraq-U.S. relations to a comprehensive bilateral partnership in various fields of exchange and development. Pointing out that the reasons for forming the Coalition to Defeat ISIS no longer exist, and that the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces have evolved to counter the terrorist threat posed by ISIS.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani affirmed Iraq`s commitment to the ongoing dialogues within the Higher Military Commission between the two countries, continuing the partnership with the international community to combat terrorism. He proudly highlighted the Iraqi people`s resilience and bravery in facing the horrors of terrorism.

The Prime Minister also discussed the sustainable relationship Iraq seeks with the U.S., based on mutual understanding and social relations beyond governments and administrations, and the unique position Iraq holds in the region with its diverse national components and democratic constitutional system. This system, he noted, enhances the country`s unity and respects all freedoms.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani pointed out Iraq`s strength lies in its historical and social ties with neighboring countries, including Iran, and at the same time Iraq`s strategic relationship with the U.S. He also mentioned Iraq`s potential to establish a vital economic role in the region through its resources and strategic location, promoting security, stability, and prosperity.

The Members of the U.S. Congress welcomed Prime Minister Al-Sudani`s visit, expressing their eagerness to foster a constructive and enduring partnership that enhances the friendship between the Iraqi and American peoples. They reiterated their support for initiatives that bolster development in Iraq and promote regional stability and peace efforts.