President Salih announced that, unwillingness of the voters to participate in the elections anymore is a clear evidence of necessity to amend the General Election Law as it is an urgent national entitlement to build the Iraqi State, to reform its institutions as well as eradicating the financial and administrative corruption so as to promote freedom and democracy across the country.

Meeting with representatives of UN and Electoral Commission and a number of university professors, media professionals, activists, specialized professionals, legal experts, today at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, the President stressed that the meeting was taken place under extremely difficult conditions which have brought major challenges facing our country. Therefore, the purpose of this meeting is to talk with experts and specialized professionals to listen through them to the national public opinion first before meeting with the political powers and blocs in this regard.

His Excellency the President confirmed that listening to the different visions would help us to reach logical amendments on the law that serve the public interest of our nation, regardless of its components. These amendments could be taken as a basis for reforming the political system.

The President clarified that Iraq is headed toward tremendous changes so we need big reforms that restore confidence in the system of Iraq's government. The most important is a serious and purposeful review of the election system that provides Iraqis with a guaranteed chance to express their point of view around their country without carelessness and manipulation.

President Salih said that," We have the courage to call for a national dialog in which we address the shortcomings of the system of government in our country to realize the free and dignified life for our people."