Speakers at London Conference Highlight Iraq Potentials, Challenges

The recent Iraq Day conference, held in the City of London’s Mansion House, provided an opportunity for distinguished speakers to gather together to discuss ways for continued economic growth, foreign investment, and wide-ranging reforms that will be beneficial for Iraq.

Speakers agreed on Iraq’s great potential and talent, and spoke about the need for Infrastructure and housing to be modernized.

Lord Paul Deighton, Commercial Secretary to the UK Treasury, said: “All parts of the population must see investment in the right conditions for prosperity. Iraq is an ambitious country; it should be.” He noted that, “The economic growth of 10 per cent for several years is extraordinarily impressive. The people, both in Iraq and throughout the diaspora, have extraordinary skills and talent.”

The event was organized by Baroness Emma Nicholson, trade envoy to Iraq and founder of AMAR International Charitable Foundation.

“The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) is delighted with the success of our recent London conference,” the Baroness said. “More than 80 business leaders from across Iraq joined leaders of the region’s Chambers of Commerce to make the long journey from their home cities to the UK. They met more than 100 British businessmen and women and also some senior politicians from both the UK and Iraq.

“Over the two days we heard of the huge opportunities on offer for trade and investment in Iraq and also from many of the people who want UK companies to take up those incredible offers. These are plans that will transform Iraq from the Kurdish region in the north to Basra in the south, and it is wonderful, as both the executive chairman of the IBBC and British prime minister’s official trade envoy to be playing a part in this.”

Iraq’s deputy prime minister, Dr Rowsch Shaways also spoke at the meeting, underscoring its importance of the conference. Dr Safaaldeen Al-Safi, minister of finance, and Dr Fareed Yasseen, Iraq’s ambassador to France, were also in attendance.

For the original May 23, 2014 piece from Rudaw referenced in this summary, click here.