Spokesman for Foreign Ministry Holds Press Conference

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Wed, Feb 27, 2019

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman Dr. Ahmad Al-Sahaf held a press conference on Wednesday 27/2/2019, in which he presented a summary of the Ministry's policy according to the directives of the government and the national principles of Iraq.

Mr. Al-Sahaf spoke to local and foreign media on the vision of Iraq's security, according to the experience of combating terrorism, and the victories achieved on Da’esh terrorist gangs stating that security and development can not be separated therefore, our policy is to sustain and strengthen cooperation with all parties, and that countering extremism ideology needs to be supported by development paths; to advance the reality of societies, and to re-empower individuals within the concept of a national state.

"We are not with the policy of axis in the region,because they do not help build confidence, and do not promote the comprehensive interests of all partieis pointing out that the ministry's direction is with building strategic cooperation formulas within the framework of support and capacity-building.

Mr. Al-Sahaf reiterated Iraq's firm stance and supported the efforts to establish a Palestinian state with Al-Quds as its capital, pointing out that Iraq did not attend the Warsaw Conference because its agenda is unclear and because it excludes the Palestinian issue, which is a central and primary issue for Iraq.

In the internal affairs, Mr. Al-Sahaf revealed the ministry's efforts to improve its reality further, noting that the Ministry has doubled its efforts to reform and prepare high level diplomatic corps and is working to consolidate mechanisms to support the Iraqi community and follow up their needs in providing services to citizens at home and abroad including religious tourism.

Mr. Al-Sahaf also stressed that the Ministry gives the families of the martyrs great importance in its work in recognition of the sacrifices of their families.

Mr. Alsahaf also stated that Iraq has become a fertile environment for investment; after the stabilization of security, and the availability of promising investment opportunities for international companies, as well as the existence of legislation that contribute to making Iraq a suitable market for investment .

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