Iraq Prime Minister's Media Office
Fri, May 4, 2018

We do express our full support for the supreme religious authority led by His Sayyad Ali al-Sistani's stand and directives, which was included in the Friday prayer sermon today. This holy platform did launch the Fatwah AL-jihad that preserved the unity of Iraq and the interests of its people.

We do refer in particular to the demand for broad participation in the elections and making the right choice (and to see the practical process of candidates, the heads of lists, especially those who were in positions of responsibility previously to avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters and corrupters who we did experience or not)

We are asking the Almighty Allah to preserve Iraq and the Iraqis who will soon turn to cast their votes to choose their representatives correctly and avoid repeating the previous failed experiences, moving forward towards a bright future to build a stable and prosperous Iraq where no place for terrorism, corruption, discrimination, and sectarianism in it.

Thank Allah for everything.

Dr. Haider Abadi
Prime Minister
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

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