Statement / Minisatry of Foriegn affairs

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sat, Nov 3, 2018

The Foreign Ministry followed up the statement issued by the US Embassy in Baghdad regarding the effectiveness of the unilateral US sanctions against the neighbor of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The Ministry would like to point out that the second part of the said statement goes beyond diplomatic norms and mutual respect for the sovereignty of States as a well-established principle of international law. Iraq refuses the interference in its internal issues, especially the issues of internal security reform and the status of Iraqi security forces under the authority of the Prime Minister leader of Military Forces.
Iraq looks forward to the deletion of the Embassy of those statements that are inconsistent with international norms and to avoid their recurrence in the future and to observe the rules of international law governing its work in Iraq as its host State.

Dr. Ahmed Mahjoub
Spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry

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