statement /Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mon, Sep 10, 2018


Press release

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry denounces the behavior of those that were among the Algerian sports team fans in the match of the Iraqi soccer Air Force team participating in the Arab championship, which in turn has deeply offended the brotherly relationship between the two countries.

The Foreign Ministry calls for clarification from the relevant authorities on this condemned conduct, and summons the Ambassador of the Republic of Algeria to Baghdad to inform him and the Algerian Government of the rejection and resentment of the government and people of Iraq and reminds of the responsibility to protect the Iraqi citizens present in Algeria, and to avoid anything that would provoke our dear people by praising Sadam's hideous dictator regime.

The Iraqi people who love their brothers continue to be an example and a model in fraternal communication away from any sectarian language that enables enemies to dismantle our brotherly societies.

Dr. Ahmed Mahjoub

Official Spokesman of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry


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