The Embassy Hosts Evening Dialogue on Iraqi-American Relations and Middle East Updated Dynamics

As part of ongoing efforts to bolster bilateral relations and deepen mutual understanding, the Iraqi Embassy in Washington hosted an "evening dialogue" event where H.E. Ambassador Nazar Al Khirullah received an elite group of prominent journalists from leading global media institutes, including CNN, Al-Monitor, Foreign Policy, Asharq News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Hill, BLOOMBERG, News Hour, POLITICO, and AFP; they exchanged an open and constructive dialogue on Iraqi-American relations, the international coalition, and the changing dynamics in the Middle East.

This meeting comes at a crucial phase witnessing dynamic developments in the Middle East, where the Iraqi government is working to enhance regional stability and support international efforts to face common challenges. The event offered an opportunity to exchange views and expectations between the parties concerned and the Iraqi Embassy in Washington, as this contributes to develop deep understanding of the Iraqi policies and priorities and enhance bilateral relations with the United States of America.

In his remarks, Ambassador Nazar Al Khirullah discussed the Iraqi government's strategic visions towards promoting bilateral relations with the United States, the efforts made to arrange bilateral relations between the two sides, and how Iraq faces regional and international challenges in a way that serves the interests of its people and contributes to supporting peace and stability in the region.

This event is part of the Iraqi Embassy's initiatives to support constructive dialogue and promote strategic communication with the international community and global media as it emphasizes the importance of the role that can be played by journalism in enhancing mutual understanding and supporting diplomatic and political endeavors to converge attitudes and visions between Iraq and the United States of America with respect to common issues.