The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq Strengthens Communication Bridges with International Press in DC Washington

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the United States hosted a group of members of the National Press Club and the International Correspondents Committee at a reception held at the embassy's headquarters reflecting Iraq's commitment to building and enhancing communication bridges with the external world. The event offered a unique platform for open dialogue and idea exchange between diplomats and international journalists.

During the reception, Ambassador Nazar Al Khirullah emphasized the importance of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, highlighting the Iraqi government's efforts in economic development, international cooperation, and the current challenges facing the country. The Ambassador also underscored the Embassy's role in supporting journalistic initiatives and enhancing cooperation with journalists to spotlight significant stories reflecting developments in Iraq and the Middle East.

Emily Wilkins, CNBC correspondent in Washington and the new president of the National Press Club, shared inspiring words about the importance of "building communication bridges", the main mission of the "Embassy Nights" series aimed at fostering understanding and cooperation between diplomats and the international press. She commended the Iraqi Embassy for leading this initiative and called for more cooperation and open dialogue to achieve a deeper understanding and more accurate coverage of international issues.

This event represents a significant step towards deepening relations between Iraq and the international journalistic community in Washington, D.C.; it underscores the vital role played by the Embassy in extending and enhancing communication bridges as well as expanding cooperation horizons.