President Salih hosted a meeting of the Presidencies today into the al- Salam palace in the presence of the Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi and the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbouosi.
Together, they discussed the various aspects of political and security developments in Iraq as well as the most recent evolutions regionally and globally.
The interlocutors highlighted the need to urgently address the political situations after Iraq's parliament voted for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq on the ground of constructive understanding and a sense of national responsibility.
Furthermore, they stressed the importance of accelerating the formation of the new government and meeting the requirements of reform at various levels of political, economic life and civil service so as to preserve Iraq's sovereignty and guarantee people security against terrorist attacks until victory is achieved.
The meeting focused on the need that care must be taken into account for ensuring national sovereignty and Iraq must be free from outside interference in addition to prevent violation regarding this level.
Those in attendance agreed to continue the principle of the best interests of Iraq and its political, financial security in the balanced national position of regional and international crises surrounding Iraq as well as keeping Iraq away from the conflicts.
They stressed the self-control, preventing escalation, unifying efforts within the framework of fighting terror, and intensifying intelligence work to chase and prosecute the terrorist groups, especially in light of the recent attempts carried out by the terrorists.
Participants in the meeting noted the urgent need to maintain the unity of Iraqis and their national cohesion to meet the challenges, build their country and enhance their democratic experience.
All sides deliberated the recent internal developments by emphasizing that all efforts of peaceful demonstrators, security forces and political actors, must be integrated to protect public security, freedoms and the safety of public and private installations.
All meeting participants called for bringing Iraq back to the normal life, in particular in the area of returning of schools and universities to normal functioning, the return of the state institutions to carry out their duties toward the citizens. In addition to the public and private business needed to be reassured to resume their normal activities.