The President Mourns with Victims of Anfal Genocide

The President Mourns with Victims of Anfal Genocide

President Salih met today with dozens of family members who lost loved ones during the infamous Anfal genocide of the 1980s.

Taking care to listen to all their concerns in the Al Salam Palace in Baghdad, the President stated clearly that this violence was a genocidal act aimed at the Kurdish people and will forever be a wound that is never fully healed in the hearts of all Iraqis. President Salih emphasized that no matter how painful, this time must never be forgotten. These types of crimes must never again be allowed to occur, and we must ensure the families of all those affected by this heinous crime are cared for.

President Salih said that helping address the needs of the families of these martyrs was an honor, and that he was striving to get them additional support given the sacrifices of their sons and families. He noted that he was continuing to remove obstacles to their access to certain rights and privileges.

The President concluded the meeting by noting the special obligations owed to martyrs and their families by society given their ultimate sacrifices.

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