President Barham Salih has arrived to Baghdad, today Monday, April 1, 2019, after an active participation in the Arab summit in its 30th session in Tunis.
On the sidelines of the summit, His Excellency met with a number of kings and leaders of brotherly countries, as well as with the UN Secretary-General, and the EU's Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Chief.
The President also delivered Iraq's speech at the summit, in which he asserted that the basic principle of Iraq's international relations is joint action with all on the basis of common interests.
His Excellency stressed that Iraq will not be part of any axis, but will be leading efforts to consolidate peace and development in the region.
President Salih renewed his call for joint action as well as for regional and international cooperation to prevent the reemergence of terrorism once again and to uproot the causes of its emergence and funding, indicating that Iraq represents the starting point for such an action.
In his speech, the President reiterated Iraq's unequivocal position against the decision to annex the Golan Heights for it is an occupied Syrian territory.
President Salih reiterated the need to settle the problems in brotherly countries; Syria, Yemen and Libya, in a way that promotes security, peace, and peoples' rights in those countries, and helps eradicate the hotbeds of terrorism and extremism.
His Excellency affirmed the right of the Palestinian people to establish their State on their national soil.
The participation of Iraq has received great attention, which is reflected in the final communique where it has emphasized that Iraq’s security, stability, and its territorial integrity is an important link in the series of Arab national security. The statement also stressed on the Arab leaders’ absolute support for Iraq in its efforts to eliminate the terrorist gangs.
The statement valued Iraq's successes in defeating the terrorist organizations as well as the sacrifices the Iraqi people have made in defending the sovereignty and security of their country.
The statement also referred to supporting the efforts of reconstruction of liberated areas.