Trips to Ancient Iraq

The New York Times
Wed, Oct 9, 2013


Steppes Travel, a company specializing in high-end cultural and archaeological tours, recently announced that it is offering two trips in 2014 to the Kurdish city of Erbil in northern Iraq.

Frequently referred to as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Erbil was a religious center of the Assyrian kingdom. The nine-day trips will explore sites like the sixth-century Citadel, the Civilization Museum, Choli Minaret Dwin Castle, St. Matthew’s Monastery, the site of the Battle of Gaugamela where Alexander the Great defeated Darius III, and the world’s oldest aqueduct. There also will be visits to one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces and the old Jewish city of Koisinjak.

“When people think of Iraq, they imagine a war-torn land, but this is a beautiful and green mountainous area with rolling hills and fields covered with poppies that also happens to be one of the most historically rich places in the world,” said Rebecca Bradshaw, an archaeologist leading the first trip.

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