UNDP Iraq Youth Training Camp

United Nations Development Programme
Mon, Sep 2, 2013

70 young people attended an United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-organized Youth Training Camp at the American University in Sulymaniya. This event represented a continuation of UNDP’s efforts to empower youth through participation in Iraq’s political future.

A critical outcome of the event was the building of trust and unity among participants, who were from all parts of Iraq and diverse ethnic and religious representations.

One participant said, “The first thing that I noticed upon arrival to the American University was the diversity in so many things: where we're from, our beliefs, our educational backgrounds, etc., and the thing that I realized upon the completion of the training was the unity in our humanity. Each one here has a special story to tell.”

Participants will design and implement activities by engaging their communities and decision makers and meeting with the Iraqi Parliament in two months.

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