World Bank and International Monetary Fund Meetings, October 11-15, 2022

Iraq’s Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs/Minister of Oil/Acting Minister of Finance, Mr. Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, headed the delegation participating in the quarterly meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) alongside the undersecretary, several general managers, Central Bank of Iraq’s deputy governor, the accompanying delegation, and the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Washington D.C.

On the sidelines of the sessions, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar held several side meetings with a number of executives and regional directors of financial and economic institutions, during which he emphasized the importance of strengthening relations with various international partners, steering towards developing regional and international cooperation areas, solving all problems, and removing obstacles that arise from promoting investment opportunities and projects in Iraq. Mr. Abdul-Jabbar stressed at the same time the necessity of involving the private sector to take its role in the overall economic activity to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development and the importance of technical support promised by the U.S. Treasury and other relevant financial institutions.