Standing Strong: A Reminder of Victory and Re-Establishment in Iraq

By H.E. Amb. Nazar Al Khirullah

On this day, we stand to commemorate the Victory Day against “Da’esh” terrorist groups, a day when Iraqis demonstrated exceptional courage and unwavering will in the face of terrorism. Our fight against terrorist ”Da’esh” has not only been in defense of our land, but also in defense of humanitarian and civilizational values.

We will never forget the heroics demonstrated by the sons and daughters of Iraq in this battle. Our brave soldiers, our security forces, our Popular Mobilization Forces, our Peshmerga, and everyone who contributed to this battle provided the most amazing examples of sacrifice and redemption. This victory would not have been achieved without the steadfastness and support of our great people who stood united against terrorism.

We cannot ignore the role played by international partnerships in supporting Iraq. It’s been truly international support, be it military or humanitarian; we appreciate this support, and we look forward to the continuation of this partnership on the paths of construction and development.

We still have a lot to achieve in the post-terrorist “Da’esh” phase: reconstruction, economic recovery, and supporting political stability are our main priorities. We are committed to building a prosperous and democratic Iraq where all Iraqis live in peace and security.

On this anniversary, we renew our commitment to peace and development in Iraq. We look forward to a future filled with hope and optimism, where together we build a nation full of democracy and prosperity. This Victory Day is a reminder that Iraq, with all its challenges and potentials, remains a symbol of pride.