2014 Iraqi Parliamentary Election News

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A guide to Iraq's government formation process, as stated in the constitution

The process of forming the Iraqi government according to the Iraqi constitution:

جمعة 23 مايو 2014

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomes Iraq’s initial parliamentary election results

Ban encouraged all political parties to constructively engage in the government formation process.

United Nationsاثنين 19 مايو 2014 أربعاء 21 مايو 2014

Interview: Election Was 'Entirely Iraqi-Owned Process'

Nikolay Mladenov said Iraqis “deserve a lot of credit for a very professional manner in which they approached the organization of the election."

Radio Free Europe/Radio Libertyأربعاء 7 مايو 2014 أربعاء 7 مايو 2014

Iraqis praise smooth balloting process

Citizens described elections as a historic day and were proud to exercise the democratic right to vote for a better future.

Mawtani.com, a service of Al-Shorfaثلاثاء 6 مايو 2014 ثلاثاء 6 مايو 2014

Statement by President Obama on Elections in Iraq

President Obama: "The United States will continue to stand with the Iraqi people as partners in their pursuit of a peaceful, unified and prosperous future."

The White Houseخميس 1 مايو 2014 جمعة 2 مايو 2014

Upcoming national elections ‘important milestone’ for Iraq, Ban says ahead of polls

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the importance of Wednesday’s national elections for peace and stability in Iraq and called for creating the necessary conditions to enable all citizens to participate in the polls.

UN News Centreثلاثاء 29 أبريل 2014 ثلاثاء 29 أبريل 2014

Iraqis in the United States cast their ballots

Iraqis living in the United States cast their ballots in seven states to elect their representatives in the Iraqi parliament.

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Mr. Mukdad al Sharify confirmed on April 27, 2014 that the UNHCR offices oversees opened 103 polling stations around the world to allow Iraqis living abroad to vote.

اثنين 28 أبريل 2014

Metro Detroit Iraqis cast votes for elections in native country

“I am more important than my finger, but today, my finger represents me. My finger represents Iraq. With this finger, I’m building a new Iraq."

Detroit Free Pressأحد 27 أبريل 2014 اثنين 28 أبريل 2014

U.S. voters cast votes in Iraq election: 'It's amazing'

Iraqi voters living in the United States say it is important for them to show up and have a say who is governing their home country.

Chicago Tribuneأحد 27 أبريل 2014 اثنين 28 أبريل 2014

IHEC BoC issues a resolution to clarify the required documents from voters abroad to ensure their participation in the upcoming IPE

The Board of Commissioners (BoC) has issued on 23 March a resolution to adopt the required documents from the voters abroad in order to allow them to vote in the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections (IPE) scheduled to be held on 30 April.

Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraqخميس 27 مارس 2014 اثنين 14 أبريل 2014

IHEC Announces Polling Stations in the United States

The Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission has announced the polling stations in the United States to serve Iraqi voters in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

أربعاء 9 أبريل 2014

IHEC CEO reports an increase in voters who take over their e-cards

More than 1.2 million electronic voter e-cards have been distributed ahead of the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections in April, 2014.

Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraqأربعاء 19 فبراير 2014 ثلاثاء 25 فبراير 2014

Board of Commissioners Member calls on civil society organizations to contribute effectively in upcoming IPE

CSOs were encouraged to actively take their roles in building the new Iraq through urging and educating Iraqi voters to practice their constitutional rights and duties.

Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraqخميس 13 فبراير 2014 ثلاثاء 25 فبراير 2014

IHEC Announces Political Bloc Lottery

The lottery will specify the numbers of political blocs participating in the upcoming 2014 parliamentary elections.

جمعة 31 يناير 2014

IHEC runs registration and voting process for voters abroad

IHEC will run registration and the voting process for voters living abroad to coincide with the parliamentary elections inside Iraq in April.

سبت 18 يناير 2014

IHEC announces plans to open polling centers abroad

The Independent High Electoral Commission announced the possibility of opening polling centers in 13 countries including the United States, allowing Iraqi citizens abroad the opportunity to cast their votes in the 2014 parliamentary elections.

أحد 15 ديسمبر 2013