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I congratulate the President-elect of the United States of America Joe Biden. We look forward to strengthening bilateral relations and advancing dialogues and cooperation between the two countries at all levels, as the common challenges also require us to intensify joint action. Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein Read more
Foreign Minister Meets with Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee in the British Parliament
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with Mr. Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the British Parliament, and they discussed security, political, economic and health developments in Iraq. The two sides also discussed issues of mutual interest and the importance of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries at various levels. Minister Fuad Hussein called on British companies to seize the opportunity of fertile ground for investment and serious work in Iraq, amid governmental support for the sincere efforts to build and reconstruct the country, and help advance its economic Read more
Foreign Minister Meets with his Dutch Counterpart
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with his Dutch counterpart Mr. Stef Blok and several officials and diplomats in The Hague on Monday evening, 26/10/2020. And they discussed ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the interest of the two friendly peoples. Minister Fuad Hussein thanked his Dutch counterpart for the generous invitation, and gave a brief presentation of the developments in the situation in Iraq, and the government’s efforts to address the many challenges, including those related to the Corona virus pandemic and its economic repercussions that contributed to the decline in oil prices. Read more
Foreign Minister Receives a Call from his US Counterpart
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received a phone call from US Secretary of State Mr. Micheal Pompeo on Friday evening, 2/10/2020, and the conversation focused on the bilateral relations and ties between the two countries, and the US administration’s initial decision to withdraw the embassy from Baghdad. Read more
Foreign Minister Stresses the Need to Prioritise the Supreme Goal to Preserve the Future of Humanity from Use of Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein reiterated Iraq’s emphasis on the importance of establishing a Middle East region free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. The Minister praised the efforts made to convene the United Nations conference headed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in November 2019, stating that this step constitutes a parallel path to support international efforts aimed at establishing a zone free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Read more
Press Statement
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein made an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which began with a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani, followed by a meeting with his counterpart, Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, and with Mr. Mohammad Baqir Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. This is the first visit of Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein to Tehran since he assumed his duties as Foreign Minister of Republic of Iraq, and it lasted for two days and began on Saturday 26/9/2020 and ended Sunday evening. Read more
Foreign Minister: We are Trying to Make Clear to Neighbouring Countries that We Want to Establish Balanced Relations … We Ask Neighbouring Countries to Respect the Sovereignty of Iraq and not to Interfere in its Affairs … Iraq is a Promising Country and h
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein during his visit to Brussels, which is the second round of his official tour to European countries, stated that Iraq is a promising country and has the future, adding that “We are trying to make clear to neighboring countries that we want to establish balanced relations … We ask neighboring countries to respect the sovereignty of Iraq, and not to interfere in its affairs.” This came during the hosting of the Minister by the European Press Club in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Read more
Foreign Minister Affirms the Need to Continue French Support for Iraq within the Framework of Global Coalition to Prevent the Resurgence of Terrorist Groups
The Ministers also discussed mechanisms for bilateral cooperation on the political, security, economic, and cultural levels, as well as the entry of French companies to contribute to the reconstruction. Minister Fuad Hussein expressed his appreciation for the visit of the French President to Baghdad, stressing that it gave an important impetus to advance the development of bilateral relations, which The Minister renewed the call to the French side to continue effective French security and military cooperation within the framework of the international coalition to fight the terrorist organization ISIS and help rehabilitate the security services, in addition to security and intelligence cooperation between the two sides. Read more
Foreign Minister Meets with US Ambassador to Baghdad
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with the US Ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Matthew Tueller. The two sides discussed ways to improve the prospects of bilateral and strategic relations between Baghdad and Washington, and the importance of activating means of bilateral cooperation in order to achieve the interests of both friendly countries. The two sides discussed the results of the visit of the Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation to Washington and stressed the importance to continue to achieve an effective partnership characterized by respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and dedication to common interests. Read more
The Foreign Minister Arrives to Washington on Head of Government Delegation
Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein arrived in Washington at the head of the negotiating delegation to hold a round of strategic dialogue on Wednesday, between Iraq and the United States of America. The Iraqi delegation in this negotiating round will be headed by Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, and the US delegation will be headed by Secretary of State Mr. Michael Pompeo. This round of negotiations comes as a preparation to the dialogue that Prime Minister Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will lead from the Iraqi side with the US side led by US President Donald Trump. Read more
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