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The Embassy of Iraq Condemns with the Strongest terms the reckless rockets attacks against U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
The Embassy of Iraq condemns with the strongest terms the reckless rockets attacks against US Embassy in Baghdad. It undermines Iraq-US partnership and harms Iraq’s credibility in the Int. Community.Serving as a link between the Republic of Iraq and the government and people of the United States. Read more
Press Release 1-27-2020
The Foreign Ministry expresses its most vigorous rejection, and its condemnation of the aggression that targeted Embassy of the United States ​​with Katyusha rockets. While the Ministry stresses its denouncement of this violent and legally and customary condemned act, it affirms that it is most keen to preserve the sanctity of all diplomatic missions working in Iraq, that comes in compliance with the provisions of the Vienna Agreement to regulate the diplomatic relations between world countries, and out of concern for the interests of bilateral relations, and looking after maintaining the mutual interests of all. Read more
Foreign Minister Gives a Lecture at National Defense University for Military Studies
Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim gave a lecture titled (Iraqi Foreign Policy in light of the Regional and International Environment Variables) at the National Defense College at the University of Defense for Military Studies. Read more
The Foreign Minister Meets Qatari Deputy Prime and Foreign Minister
Foreign Minister Mr. Mohammad A. Alhakim met with the Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani, the two sides stressed the need to strengthen bilateral relations and advance them to serve the interests of the peoples of the two brotherly countries. They also discussed the most important regional and international issues of common concern. Read more
President Salih hosted a meeting of the Presidencies today into the al- Salam palace in the presence of the Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi and the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbouosi. Together, they discussed the various aspects of political and security developments in Iraq as well as the most recent evolutions regionally and globally. Read more
Iraqi Government Delegation Visits the Sultanate of Oman to Offer Condolences on Death of Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed
The Iraqi government delegation visited the Sultanate of Oman headed by Dr. Fuad Muhammad Hussein, Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign MinisterMr. Mohamad A. Alhakim, , and Dr. Ali Youssef Abdel Nabi, representative of the President of the Republic to extend condolences to Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said on the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed bin Taymur. Read more
Press Statement - 1/10/2020
On the background of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s bombing of military camps inside Iraq that include Iraqi and non-Iraqi forces, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq on the morning of 9/1/2020, the Chargé d’ffaires a.i of Iran Read more
Statement / Parliament's Media Office
The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, called today, Wednesday, the Iraqi government to take the necessary measures to preserve Iraqi sovereignty from the violations taking place and to drive the country away from the conflict circle. Read more
Press Statement / Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Wed, Jan 8, 2020
Iraqi land and bases were attacked on Wednesday, 8/1/2020 with Iranian missile strikes targeting military camps that include Iraqi and non-Iraqi forces. Read more
The Foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Matthew Tueller .
The Foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Matthew Tueller who met the senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Mr. Abdul Karim Hashim Mustafa on the background of the air strikes on the Iraqi forces in Qaim which resulted in casualties between martyr and wounded, as well as an air strike on Iraqi military high-level leaders and friend targeted with their escorts in the Iraqi territories, which resulted in the martyrdom of the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Commission , the martyr Mr. Jamal Jaafar Muhammad (Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis), along with Iraqi martyrs and friends. Read more
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