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Statement / Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Iraq will take part in the talks in Astana on Thursday, which is one of the important paths of dialogue between the parties of the Syrian-Syrian conflict, which could lead to an end to the violence in the country and bring positive results.

We welcome any efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis and strongly support its resolve by peaceful means. We express our readiness to coordinate with the countries of the world in order to end Syrian people’s suffering which entered the ninth year.

Thu, Aug 1, 2019 Thu, Aug 1, 2019

Statement / Minisatry of Foriegn affairs

The Foreign Ministry followed up the statement issued by the US Embassy in Baghdad regarding the effectiveness of the unilateral US sanctions against the neighbor of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsSat, Nov 3, 2018 Mon, Nov 5, 2018

Statement / Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Ministry rejects and condemns the Bahraini Foreign Minister’s Tweet about the recent attacks on Arab territories and the Popular Mobilization Forces by Zionist enemy under the pretext of self-defense.
The Popular Mobilization Forces stood by our armed forces, the police (local and federal), the Peshmerga, and the tribal fighters to defend our holy land and made great sacrifices to liberate the cities of Iraq, and to defeat Da’esh terrorist gangs.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsWed, Aug 28, 2019 Thu, Aug 29, 2019

Statement / Media Office of the Prime Minister

September - 15 – 2019

Iraq Prime Minister's Media OfficeSun, Sep 15, 2019 Mon, Sep 16, 2019

Statement / Parliament's Media Office

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi, called today, Wednesday, the Iraqi government to take the necessary measures to preserve Iraqi sovereignty from the violations taking place and to drive the country away from the conflict circle.

Parliament's Media OfficeWed, Jan 8, 2020 Wed, Jan 8, 2020


Foreign Minister Mohamed A. Alhakim held a telephone conversation with Jordanian counterpart Mr.Ayman Safadi on Saturday evening to find out the latest developments in the Jordan floods school bus accident, which killed a number of students and wounded others including Iraqis.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsMon, Oct 29, 2018 Mon, Oct 29, 2018


We do express our full support for the supreme religious authority led by His Sayyad Ali al-Sistani's stand and directives, which was included in the Friday prayer sermon today. This holy platform did launch the Fatwah AL-jihad that preserved the unity of Iraq and the interests of its people.

Iraq Prime Minister's Media OfficeFri, May 4, 2018 Fri, May 4, 2018



Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsSat, May 5, 2018 Sat, May 5, 2018



In accordance with the requirements of UN Security Council Resolution 2107 (2013) and under the direction of Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamed A. Alhakim, the Foreign Ministry and the Iraqi Embassy in Kuwait handed a shipment of Kuwaiti property to the Kuwaiti side on Tuesday, 13/11/2018.

The Foreign Ministry expresses its intention to move forward to strengthen bilateral relations and show the best of good-neighborly relations, and emphasized Iraq's commitment to resolve all remaining outstanding issues with Kuwait.

Iraq Prime Minister's Media OfficeWed, Nov 14, 2018 Tue, Nov 20, 2018


The Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the killing of a Turkish diplomat working in the Turkish Consulate General in Erbil Governorate and a citizen and the wounding of another in an assassination incident and expresses its close follow-up with the security authorities to find out the circumstances of the incident.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsWed, Jul 17, 2019 Thu, Jul 18, 2019


The Foreign Ministry expresses its deep regret at the unfortunate incident at the Brazilian National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, which has resulted in the loss of civilization in the world.

Iraq is deeply aware of the magnitude of this tragedy and its loss of part of its cultural heritage at the hands of Daesh terrorist gangs, and of what the museum represents to the memory of the Brazilian people as the embodiment of a long history of successive civilizations.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsTue, Sep 25, 2018 Wed, Sep 26, 2018


The Foreign Ministry of Iraq expresses the solidarity of the Government and the people of Iraq with the brothers in the Republic of Tunisia following the floods that swept through Nabeul governorate in the north-east of the country, resulting in a number of casualties and damage to buildings and public and private facilities. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry extends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims and prays for speedy recovery of injured.

Dr. Ahmed Mahjoob

Spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry .


Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsTue, Sep 25, 2018 Wed, Sep 26, 2018


29 September 2017

The Media Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi confirms that the Iraqi government protects the rights and privileges of all our people, including our Kurdish citizens, and that any action taken is careful not to harm them.

Fri, Sep 29, 2017

Standard Chartered to open branch in Iraq seeing loan growth

Standard Chartered plans to open branches this year in Baghdad and the city of Erbil, followed by a third next year in the oil hub of Basra.

Times of OmanTue, May 14, 2013 Wed, May 22, 2013

Standard Chartered Launches Banking Operations in Iraq

The bank lender opened its head office and first branch in Baghdad with plans to be an active participant in the economic growth of Iraq.

ReutersWed, Nov 27, 2013 Wed, Nov 27, 2013

Standard Chartered Bank opens second branch in Iraq

The opening of the second branch makes Standard Chartered the only international bank to have full-fledged on-the-ground wholesale banking operations in two of the main cities in Iraq.

CPI FinancialTue, Mar 4, 2014 Wed, Mar 12, 2014

Spokesperson: We are surprised by the US State Department statement against the Vice Chairman of the Popular mobilization body .

Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is surprised by the statement issued by US State Department Spokesman Heather Naort, in where he described Deputy Chairman of popular mobilization Mr. Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis as a terrorist.

"We confirm that the Popular mobilization body is an inseparable part of the Iraqi forces that are under the orders of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and that they fought bravely beside the other forces. Al-Muhandis is the Vice President of this fighting body and legally approved by the parliament. Against terrorism

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsMon, Oct 30, 2017 Mon, Oct 30, 2017

Spokesperson: Iraqi foreign ministry condemns the terroristic attack on the Pakistani city Lahor

" Iraqi foreign ministry condemns the terroristic attack on the Pakistani city Lahor, and presents its condolences and sorrow to the Islamic Pakistani government and people and the victims' families, also stressing on the importance of uprooting the ideology of these extremist groups and make more international efforts to cooperate to defeat its supporting and funding sources ".

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsThu, Feb 16, 2017 Thu, Feb 16, 2017

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahhaf:

Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E. Fuad Hussein leaves to the Italian Capital of Rome to hold a series of meetings and dialogue sessions with officials at the Vatican and the Italian Government. H.E. will also meet the Holy See Pope Francis and discuss the outcomes of the latter’s recent visit to Iraq

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsSat, May 1, 2021 Thu, May 6, 2021

Spokesman for Foreign Ministry Holds Press Conference

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman Dr. Ahmad Al-Sahaf held a press conference on Wednesday 27/2/2019, in which he presented a summary of the Ministry's policy according to the directives of the government and the national principles of Iraq.

Iraq Ministry of Foreign AffairsWed, Feb 27, 2019 Wed, Feb 27, 2019